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Episode 1: “What’s For Lunch?”
Dry rubbed, slow roasted ribs in a spicy mustard BBQ sauce and BBQ baked black soybeans.

Episode 2: “Southern Sunday Supper”
Southern fried chicken, old-time southern collard, chicken pan gravy, “just like potatoes” and
apple pie.

Episode 3: “Rise and Shine Breakfast”
Greens, eggs & ham, fruit salad and almond scones.

Episode 4: “Holiday Feast”
Cranberry-orange relish, butternut squash casserole, green pea and asparagus casserole and pumpkin pie.

Episode 5: “No Fuss Caribbean Dinner”
Zesty salmon pepper packets, colorful black soybean salsa, and mixed greens with spicy lime vinaigrette.

Episode 6: “Scrumptious Desserts”
Mouthwatering strawberry shortcake, golden pound cake and tasty tiramisu.

Episode 7: “Mexican Fiesta”
Green chile chicken enchiladas, guacamole salad and guiltless Margaritas.

Episode 8: “Romantic Dinner for Two”
Medallions of beef tenderloin with a cabernet reduction, roasted red pepper soup and Crème Brule.

Episode 9: “Flippin’ For Flapjacks”
Zesty low carb, lemon ricotta flapjacks in a delicious berry syrup.

Episode 10: “Wing Ding”
BBQ chicken wings with mock potato salad and homemade slaw.

Episode 11: “Sweets for Sweet”
Dessert dear! Rustic apricot crostata, pomegranates in sweet wine and ice cream brownie-wiches.

Episode 12: “Fish Taco Fiesta”
Tacos never tasted this good with salsa verde and low carb frijoles.

Episode 13: “Roman Holiday”
Make impasta noodles, a luscious lasagna and garlic griddle bread.

Episode 14: “Chowder Bowl”
Fresh handmade rye bread with one-third the carbs! Served with Hearty New England style clam chowder and black soybean soup.

Episode 15: “Breakfast on the Run”
Who can resist delicious almond pecan waffles drenched in low carb “almost” maple syrup? Try the Eades’ special brew of cocomochacinno or get off to a fast start with a yogurt berry power cup!

Episode 16: “Kid Stuff”
Hi protein French toast fingers and “almost” real maple syrup is the answer to fussy children’s appetites. And they’ll come running for frozen fruit skewers.

Episode 17: “Appetizers & Munchies”
Impress the guests with zesty black soybean salsa, spicy tortilla triangles, avocado-caviar spoons, fresh cucumber-salmon bites and rosemary and olive pan bread.

Episode 18: “Soup's On”
Heat up any appetite with delicious white chili, a cioppino or mouth-watering French onion soup!

Episode 19: “Comfort Foods”
Return to the old fashioned favorites: almost-oatmeal, a tender almond pie and tart crust, chicken pot pie and an unforgettable creamy coconut pie.

Episode 20: “Brunch Bunch”
The doctors set the table for a memorable brunch including cinnamon pinon power muffins, baked huevos rancheros and hashbrowned fauxtatoes.

Episode 21: “Coffee Klatch”
Enjoy break time with delicious pecan cinnamon coffee cake, classic currant-walnut scones or hi protein almond yogurt cream spread.

Episode 22: “Cocktails at 6”
Make a toast to Asian spiced pecans, bruchetta with simple tapenade, blue cheesecake miniatures and tantalizing chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce.

Episode 23: “Pizza Party”
Kids of all ages will enjoy cheesy waffle pizza platforms, garden pizza for kids, veggie delight, simple margarita and meat lover’s pizzas – with a special handmade pizza sauce!

Episode 24: “Taste of Thailand”
Savor the flavor and bring on the spice! Thai red chile chicken, spagaroni and broccoli with sesame fire butter.

Episode 25: “By the Sea”
Ahoy seafood lovers: a delectable “a-lot-like lacquered” salmon, fauxtatoes au gratin and sumptuous poached pears in cabernet reduction with cream.

Episode 26: “Calling All Chocoholics!”
Irresistible flourless chocolate cake, fresh raspberry coulis, decadent expresso chocolate mousse.

Always consult your physician or nutritionist before starting any diet regimen.
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